“The library is the heart of all college’s work; directly so as regards its research work and indirectly as regards its educational work which derives its life from research work. Scientific research needs a library as well as its laboratory while for a humanistic research the library is both library and laboratory in one.”


To become a premier learning resource centre to offer comprehensive services related to dissemination of knowledge through user friendly approach ...



The main objective is to make the Central Library the most effective Learning Resource centre to contribute to the quality of higher education. The library also created..



The Central library collection consists of Books, Reference works, Text Books, Print Journals, Newspapers, Theses & Dissertations and Project Reports, E-Journals & Databases, CD ROM/DVDs.   

The Central library has over 25,000 classified text books, reference books and a sizable number of research journals of medicine with group study area for graduate and post graduate students, and private study area for faculty.

The Central Library also huge collection of educational CD’s audio and videos providing vast information on every aspect illness and treatment procedures